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Recreation near water

Water transport equipment rental   
laivu noma

Peldu street 28
Ph.+371 27874901


Ikskile water sports and recreation centre offers various water vehicle rental - rowing boats, motorboats up to 5 Hp engine (not required valid document), sailboats, wave runners, water bike, etc.
Possible to rent trips to the 8-seater lawn hovercraft. You can rent a motor boat motors, floating bath and a floating cafe.
Ikskile water sports and recreation centre in summer offers - boat pier rental services, take trips on the Daugava river, repairing motorboat outboard and stationary engines.

Authentic viking boat "Üxküll"   
 Vikingu kuis Peldu street 28
Ph.+371 27874901

«Üxküll" is 2.20 meters wide and 9 meters long viking ship, made of oak at history club’s "BALTIC SNIKE" workshop at Vecumnieki, Latvia.
The ship is built to provide trips on the River Daugava, to participate in a variety of historical events. Ship is built for 830th anniversary of Ikskile city in 2015.
About the ship «Üxküll»:
Length - 9 meters, width - 2.2 meters, a mast length - 7 meters;
Sail area - 14 square meters, when sailing – places for 14 persons, when rowing – 10 persons.
«Üxküll» ship tour should be ordered in advance.

Water leisure centre in the hotel "Spadrops"   
 Spadrops baseins

Rigas street 18
Ph. +371 26 430 430
GPS 56.8233 24.4985                                           


A swimming pool, an underwater back-flow, jacuzzi, after sauna cold pool, sauna and steam room. Possible to organize private events.
Water aerobics and children's swim training sessions. It is necessary to pre-record.

House on the water   
maja uz udens Ph. +371 26513010                                               
The floating house is built on the raft, it's a well-maintained place for fishermen. Vacationers on floating houses are delivered by boat, because the house is anchored in the middle of the Daugava River, not far from island of St.Meinhard.   
The city beach  

Rigas street 20
GPS 56.8213 24.5003                                         


One of the most popular bathing location. Available parking, toilet, changing cabins, children's playground and a cafe.
Daugava riverbed here is shallow, so the beach is especially suitable for recreation with children.

Dubkalni water reservoir   
Dubkalnu denskrtuve

    Tourism, sports and recreation complex "Zilie kalni"             Ikskile region
    GPS 56.8419 24.5469


Reservoir developed at the former gravel quarry place when active work stopped there. The average depth is 2.5m, maximum - 7.0m.
Around the reservoir there are created comfortable resting places, it is a popular swimming place among Ikskile inhabitants.

Camping "Ezermalas"   
kempings Ezermalas

Tinuzi district
Ikskile region
Ph. +371 28217375
GPS 56.8473 24.5047                                          

Fishing, tent and picnic places  
Boat pier  
laivu piesttne

At the end of Zemturu street
GPS 56.8161 24.5110                                        

Intended for waverunners, different sizes of rowing and motor boats and sailboats and motor yachts with a draft of up to 1.1m. Boat pier available for different water level fluctuation periods. There is also a landscaped picnic area with stunning views of the island of St.Meinhard's and Ikskile church ruins.   
Lake Selekas  
Selku ezers

Ikskile region
GPS 56.5221 24.2817                                        

Lake area 8.5ha, the average depth of 2.1m, maximum depth - 4.3m. One of the most popular bathing places of Ikskile population.  
The Maza Jugla river   
Maz JUgla    

Maza Jugla River is the 10th longest river in Latvia territory, starting in Taurupe and flows into the Jugla river. Through Ikskile region river flows 31km.
During flood waters season the river is popular among boaters. The river is winding, with numerous rapids and dams, small sandstone and dolomite outcrops places. The Dobelnieki HPP is built on the river.

 The Daugava river    

Total length -1005km, in Latvia’s territory - 352km. Along Ikskile region Daugava flows 10km length.
Popular in the middle with anglers and boaters, Ikskile town beach is a perfect place to relax with children because of the shallow seabed. At the end of street there is available boat pier for personal water vehicles.

Waterslide at recreation complex "Turbas"   
 slidkalnins Turbas

Ikskile region
ph.+371 26355551
GPS 56.8606 24.7118                                        


17m long waterslide on Turbas islet. Prior reservation required.


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