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Tourism, sports and leisure complex "Zilie kalni"

Observation tower
Skatu tornis                                                 

Ikskile region
GPS 56.8342 24.5649                                  

Opened at the end of 2013, placed on the highest point of nature park "Zilie kalni". Height 30m and in the clear weather you can even see the capital city of Latvia - Riga.   
Viewing platform   
skatu platforma  

Ikskile region
GPS 56.8370 24.5578                                        

From the observation platform with wonderful views of the Dubkalni water reservoir. It located at Dubkalni water reservoirs steep.   
Cross-country ski track   
distancu trase

Ski track start in Ikskile
Livu and Smiltenaju street junction
GPS 56.8427 24.5060

Ski track start place
GPS 56.8392 24.5711                                          

On snow and cold weather conditions maintained track 12km long, linking Ikskile and Ogre. In 2016 and 2017, ~4.5km long track mounted with outdoors lighting that will make the track was also usable after dark.   
Outdoor fitness places   
 trenažieri ZK   

In the territory of nature park "Zilie kalni" (Blue hills)
GPS 56.8427 24.5060
GPS 56.8392 24.5711
GPS 56.8289 24.5861
GPS 56.8464 24.5187
GPS 56.8347 24.5798

Recreation places near the water (equiped with barbeque grill)   
grila vietas ZK    

In the territory of nature park "Zilie kalni" (Blue hills)
GPS 56.8407 24.5545
GPS 56.8375 24.5580
GPS 56.8418 24.5469

Sports fields at nature park "Zilie kalni" (Blue hills)   
Sports ZK

Ikskile region
GPS 56.8429 24.5447                                       

Beach volleyball, beach soccer and speedminton fields