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Turbas great oak   
trubu ozols

In the territory of recreation complex "Turbas"
Ikskile region
GPS 56.8621 24.7112

The second highest Latvian oak, its age of about 800 years. Oak is in very good condition and it greens every year. The circumference of 7.1m, height 27m. Some time ago in oak cavity couple people were able to hide. Now cavern almost overgrown. Owl, wild duck and popular other birds species nest the tree.  
Kranciems juniper  

Ikskile region
GPS 56.8840 24.6288               

Ikskile region's largest juniper - its trunk circumference reach 0.9m. It is located in the forest, not a far from Tinuzi - Turkalne road (about 600m away from the road).
Tinuzi great linden tree   
Tīnūžu liepa  

Ikskile region
GPS 56.8678 24.5706                                         

The biggest linden tree at Ikskile region, its trunk circumference is nearly 5m   
Tinuzu manor islet   
Tīnūžu saliņa  

Tinuzi district, near Tinuzi manor
56.8680 24.5717                                               


Naturally formed island, which is bordered by the Maza Jugla river. Landscaped resting place, equipped with fire place.

Nature Park "Zilie kalni" (Blue hills)   
 zilie kalni  In the territory of Ikskile and Ogre regions          

Includes in tourism, sports and recreation complex "Zilie kalni” and occupies 312ha large area. Landscaped swimming places around Dubkalni water reservoir, great hiking and biking trails in the summer, cross-country ski track 10km long in winter.
30m high wooden observation tower located in the territory of nature park, which offers a wonderful view of the Daugava. On a clear day from the tower you can see Riga, the capital city of Latvia.

Dubkalni water reservoir   
Dubkalnu denskrtuve

Tourism, sports and recreation complex "Zilie kalni
Ikskile region
GPS 56.8419 24.5469


Reservoir developed at the former gravel quarry place when active work stopped there. The average depth is 2.5m, maximum - 7.0m.
Around the reservoir there are created comfortable resting places, it is a popular swimming place among Ikskile inhabitants.

Town beach   

Rigas str. 20
GPS 56.8213 24.5003                                         

Town’s main swimming place. Facilities – WC, changing cabin, children’s playground and café.   
Selekas lake 
Selku ezers

Ikskile region
GPS 56.5221 24.2817                                        

Lake area 8.5h, the average depth is 2.1m, maximum depth - 4.3m. One of the most popular bathing places for Ikskile’s inhabitants.   
The Maza Jugla river   
Maza Jugla    

Maza Jugla River is the 10th longest river in Latvia territory, starting in Taurupe and flows into the Jugla river. Through Ikskile region river flows 31km.
During flood waters season the river is popular among boaters. The river is winding, with numerous rapids and dams, small sandstone and dolomite outcrops places. The Dobelnieki HPP is built on the river.

The Daugava river   
 Daugava Ikskile    

Total length -1005km, in Latvia’s territory - 352km. Along Ikskile region Daugava flows 10km length.
Popular in the middle with anglers and boaters, Ikskile town beach is a perfect place to relax with children because of the shallow seabed. At the end of street there is available boat pier for personal water vehicles.


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