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Cognitive tourism

Liberts birch juice and wine cellar   
Liberts Linards  

Vīndaru str. 12
ph. +371 29297469
GPS 56.8200 24.5173                                 

Linards Liberts' passion are birches, and in 2010 he turned directly to birch juices and their products, which can be prepared from the juice. All are invited in the world of the birch juice in the Liberts' basement, where you can get about all that can be extracted from birch - fresh birch juice, lemonade, syrup, wine, champagne and birch juice strong. All products are possible to buy and try.  
Expierence park IKS Park   
Iks parks  

Smiltenāju str. 15 (entrance from Ezera str.)
ph. +371 26705309
GPS 56.8421 24.5075


A wonderful place to get to know the diverse vegetation and learn which plants can or cannot be used for consumption, to strengthen immunity or to improve the digestive system. We recommend you plan your visits to be accompanied by owner Anna who knows everything about the plants living at park and their effects on the body. The experience park also has a nature class and a mini foot massage path. The Park is open from April to October. Address: Smiltenāju Iela 15 (entrance from the Ezeru Iela), Ikšķile; phone number: +371 26705309.

Mini zoo "Lauku setina" ("Farmstead")  
 mini zoo Smiltenāju str. 15 (entrance from Ezera str.)
ph. +371 26705309
GPS 56.8421 24.5075 
"Lauku setina" ("Farmstead") with craft workshops and " Mini Zoo", where you can see dwarf goats, squirrels, multiple varieties of chicken, rabbit, raccoon, marmots and rats. Offering practical lessons with an opportunity to delight yourself with self-made souvenirs.